The stories of the Bible brought to life with the juxtaposition against modern day subjects..it is wonderful. Thank you for staying true to your dreams. It has encouraged me to work harder for mine.
Nic Stoltzfus
Bravo! The supernatural impact that these are having on people… Journeys is blessed, favored and anointed. A day does not go by that I don’t think about at least one of the images and get wisdom, encouragement and/or insight from it. God is using these pictures in all of our lives.
Beth Bragg
The book arrived… I examined the careful structuring that a camera-artist eye would compose…savoring and seeing you in the frames…the love you have found in your heart for our Savior and how it shows in each exposure…so much more than photographs…and I am moved into worship of the Messiah with such deep emotion.
Dr. Harriette Crain
Let me say what an impact your project has had on me. It is truly AMAZING! I love the Lord with all my heart and have for many years, but somehow, your pictures project have so “captured’ aspects of the Savior that it feels like I love Him even more! It helps me to “see” Him more clearly! Thank you! It is truly anointed!
Pastor Tim Gilligan
Received the framed collectors’ image yesterday…it is absolutely incredible! I was expecting something very nice from what I had previewed…I received something spectacular.
John Peasley
“This is amazing photography with a profound message. Every time I review these images and contemplate the wholeness and magnitude of this project, I am in awe of the talent, dedication, love and refreshing interpretation of the messages incorporated within each image.”
Elisa Crowder, ElitePrintGroup
“We could go on and on about all the feelings and emotions the stories of the images brought out in us…simply cannot wait for ‘the book’ and the amazing exhibit with all the images together.”
Terry & Dianne Olive
“Thanks for being insightful and for creating a site where I can come and see word pictures beyond comparison and hear divinely inspired spoken motivation. At the close of a demanding day in the life, I’m glad I took time to receive ‘rest’ as I listened to you tonight.”
Ron McCormick, The House (A Student Leadership Center), Woodbridge, Va.
I am in awe of Michael’s work!! What an incredible collection! My favorite is Daily Bread; Jesus finding it humorous and yet loving how we try to depend on ourselves to meet our own needs daily.
Monie Tewa
Creatively massaging escatological themes takes knowledge and guts. Both are in “Journeys with the Messiah.” Humanizing Jesus by depicting Him in almost mundane settings is risky. You’ve done it well. It is inspiring that this collection proclaims he is alive and well NOW, and the comforting suggestion that he just “happens to be in the neighborhood.”
Bob Scruggs- Melborne
I was moved in the deepest part of me when I saw these photos. I joyed when I saw the smile on Jesus’ face at the banquet, cried when I saw my aborted children playing near Him, and I related to the woman at the Well. He is Gracious Mercy. He is the Great I AM. Worthy of all Praise and my goodness, you captured Him!!! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!!
Mindy Johnson
I believe God is going to open such big doors for you… your photos stirred me – and I don’t always appreciate art. I will pray that God blast doors wide open because of the gift He’s given you, your faithfulness to use it for His Gospel.
Paul Kummer, Pastor Grace Lutheran, Destin, Florida
My faith has been renewed with this fresh, contemporary look at Jesus and his messages to mankind.
Raymond Watkins
Words don’t adequately describe this project. Awesome, wonderful, thought-provoking and reflective, are a few of the terms that leap to mind.”
Michael Grady, New Gulf Coast Choir
“Captivating, loving and sometimes haunting, these photographs introduce us to a Jesus we may never have known. I believe no matter where you are in your faith these images will speak to your heart and create a dialogue to be shared with fellow travelers.”
Tricia Carlisle-Northcutt, Right Brain Strategies & PR
“What intimacy, soul searching and tender compassion in that face [Jesus’ face] brought into sharp focus against a world that fades in the background.”
Gail Ennis
“I cannot wait to see where God takes this project.”
Kelli Corbin, Nashville