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The things that hold us back.

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Jesus told a story about a rich young ruler who was intrigued by Jesus’ teachings and, in particular, His offer of eternal life. So, the rich young man asked, “What must I do to receive eternal life?”

Jesus responded by telling him to keep the commandments, “Do not murder, steal or commit adultery.”

“I’ve got those covered,” the young ruler replied, “Anything else?”

Jesus’ next response challenged the young man at his very core. “Okay, then sell all you own, give it to the poor and then come follow Me.

”Jesus does not deny us money and possessions. Yet, He knew that our attitudes about them could be the biggest stumbling block in our lives. Money issues can lead to greed, corruption, divorce, sickness, heart attacks and even suicide. Yet, for the rich young ruler, Jesus knew that his lifestyle – money, cars and beautiful women – had become a personal road block to what he really wanted, which was to follow Jesus into eternity.

This is the quandary we all deal with from time to time. Do our lifestyles cause us to choose what is convenient and what is safe, or do we seek the road less traveled? Are the momentary comforts of money and possessions holding me back from what I really desire in life, or, even more, from the dream God has place in my heart?

Is Jesus challenging you to follow Him on a special journey? Will you have the strength to go? Or, like the rich Young Ruler, will you just go away sad?

Matthew 19:16-26