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The Second Mile

The joyful gift of forgiving.

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Where does a mother harness the strength to stand in a courtroom and forgive the man who murdered her daughter? How do Jews ever forgive the Nazis for the Holocaust?

Jesus’ teachings on this subject were revolutionary: “Love your enemies as yourself. Pray for those who persecute you. Forgive people seventy times seven.” Jesus reminds us that, just as God forgives us, we are expected to do the same for others. His teachings on forgiveness, however, are often more beneficial to us than the people we forgive.

Jesus knows that our feelings of anger, resentment and hatred will not hurt the other person to the degree they can destroy us. So, He wants us to let go of these feelings by forgiving. Just saying, “I forgive you,” releases us from emotional, physical and spiritual bondage. It sets us free to move on with life and His glorious plan.

So, forgive and then, let it go.

Matthew 18:21-22