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      “I cannot recall the last time I was so absolutely inspired by a presentation as I was by yours. Your images are astounding – capturing the stories and parables of the New Testament in wonderfully creative and imaginative ways. You challenge how people think about Jesus. What a powerful way to communicate the gospel and glorify Him.”
Dr. Charles Stanley

Michael Speaking.001We receive stories from around the world of how God is touching the hearts of His people through Journeys with the Messiah’s images and the messages they depict. Now, you can invite Michael to share his story in person while takes your audience on a personal journey with the Messiah.

Using powerful imagery, Michael tells about his life as a fashion photographer; how he reached the depths of despair while at the pinnacle of success and how God invited him on a once in a lifetime journey to create Journeys with the Messiah.

This fast-paced presentation includes many exciting images as well as video clips as Michael takes the audience behind-the-scenes in Italy as the images were created.

 This one-of-a-kind photographic journey creates a depth of feeling and emotion with images that are comforting, enlightening, full of hope and challenging.It is our prayer that they ignite a passion in the viewer to enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus.”

For more information, email Michael at or call him directly at (850) 502-9777.

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Journeys is not just our project, it is a project for everyone who believes the Great Commission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus with all nations and with all people who are hungry to hear the Word of God. 

This is just the beginning. There is so much more to come. Thank you and may He bless you, indeed!

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