Messiah VII – Poster

From: $65.00

Custom printed with archival inks on age-resistant paper, Michael Belk’s inspired photographs were created to stir the emotions and give the viewer a clear visual depiction of the message Jesus and the grace of through Him.

The entire collection of Journeys’ images are available as posters, each in a choice of two sizes.


The story that inspired this image…

Our life on Earth is a journey that takes us to the pinnacles of success and the valleys of despair. If you have not been to both, it is difficult to appreciate either.

Jesus experienced every emotion we have experienced, but to a much greater degree. And, although His death on he cross appeared, at first, to be a defeat, it was ultimately the greatest triumph we-and the world-will ever know.

His victory is our victory-giving meaning to our lives and making them well worth the journey.

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